BSTD Champion of the Year Format


BSTD Champion of the Year Format!

1) Eleven qualifiers, eight to be attended (Starred shows are qualifiers)

2) 1st place = 6 points down to 6th = 1 point (per show)

3) All competitors competing at the champion of the year show can do all ten qualifiers if they wish and pick the best eight results out of the ten

4) There will be four league tables:

Large pony pair
Small pony pair
Single pony
Very small pony

5) The top four in each league will qualify for the championship which equates to sixteen turnouts

6) There will be two qualifying rounds on the first day and one round in the morning of the second day

7) Points will be awarded on each round to the fastest eight turnouts and totalled over the three rounds, the points awarded as follows:

8 points = 1st
7 points = 2nd
6 points = 3rd
5 points = 4th
4 points = 5th
3 points = 6th
2 points = 7th
1 point = 8th

8)If there is a tie, the first score counts as a decider

9) The fastest eight will go through to the final on the second or third day of the show and the fastest on the day including any faults is the champion

The venue and date of the BSTD Champion of the Year Show to be confirmed at a later date.