Equine Influenza News


As you are all aware this year has been particularly difficult with Equine Flu and will continue to be a difficult problem for our 2019 season as each show seems to be following different rules. Here are two of our shows who have contacted us with their flu guidelines. Please ensure you're ponies are covered correctly to the show's rules before you enter.

Horses/ponies must be vaccinated as follows: to have a fully documented vaccination record including primary course (1st, 2nd, and then a 6 month booster) and a most recent booster within 12 months with no booster gaps of more than 12 months since the primary course. We will check a random selection of passports on site. It should be noted that our vets & officials have the right to inspect the passports. Any horse/pony without the correct relevant vaccination level will be turned away.

Following the recent outbreak of Equine Influenza the ASAO has advise that we send out an email to all our Exhibitors/demonstrators who are bring horses to our event- Please see below. Horses must have been vaccinated to comply with the requirements of the primary course (1st vaccination and then 2nd vaccination between 21 - 92 days later), followed by the first booster (150 - 215 days) and all subsequent boosters. Horses may compete having received the primary course and prior to the first booster but not within 7 days of receiving a vaccine dose. Horses must have been vaccinated within 6 months before the show but not less than 7 days of arriving at the show.**