Important Information

- Drivers must be registered with the BSTD before entries will be accepted (summer season only).

- Winter series are open to everyone!

- Entries need to be handed in 2 weeks before the first day of the show.

- Late entries and entries on the day may* be accepted if entries allow an extra £5 per entry per turnout.

- Bank details for BACS listed on the registration and entry forms.

Download the forms

  1. 2020 Registration Form
  2. 2020 Entry Form For All Shows
  3. The 2020 Rule Book

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Rules for Competitors at Events

These rules are an addition to the British Scurry & Trials Driving Rule Book from the season 2020. They are a part of the Rule Book and must be taken as any other rule whether inside or outside of the competition arena but as a 'part' of any event where the BSTD is in attendance.


The purpose of these rules are to meet with public health objectives and to adhere to the government guidelines at the time.

Competitors, grooms and their helpers are being asked by the government to collaborate with your fellow competitors, organisers and the general public to ensure all has been done to keep everyone safe.

To put in place competition protocols for competitors and stick to those rules and document any relevant discussions and any breaking of the rules and guidelines. The BSTD will act upon any competitors or their staff, helpers and friends if they do not follow these rules.

The BSTD will monitor co-operation at all the events and analyse each event as to any rule changes required whilst attending and competing at all the events.

The BSTD will use risk assessment tools and processes to make the most effective decisions.

The health and safety of the BSTD's competitors, grooms, volunteers and staff will be the number one priority at all times.


1 - If on arrival at an event anyone shows or appears to have any of the symptoms of coronavirus you will be asked to go home immediately.

2 - In line with the social distancing guidance it is advised that large gatherings should not take place. Therefore groups of people/competitors standing together will be asked to disperse.

3 - Keep a minimum of two metres apart from anyone outside your household/team at all times.

4 - Each team must bring their own hand sanitiser and soap to every event so they may wash their hands, for a minimum of 20secs, as often as possible throughout the day. The wipe down of all equipment with bacterial wipes/disinfectant will be expected before arrival at every event.

5 - Teams may wear protective face masks and gloves if they wish.

6 - No one should shake hands or hug one another outside of their own household/team.

7 - No equipment of any sort (equine, human, transport or sport) can be shared, exchanged or lent out to any other team nor can any team member enter a horsebox or caravan/camper belonging to someone not in their team or household.

8 - Everyone will be encouraged to: Wash their hands after tocuhing common surfaces (and always after coughing or sneezing). To cover their mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing and avoid touching their face, nose an eyes. To keep their distance and avoid being face to face with people outside their household or team. Keep to social distancing requirements. Not to share water bottles, soft drink or food, glassware, crockery, cutlery or alcoholic drinks.


We have now heard from Living Heritage and to aid you all we have published a revised show list but obviously this could change.

Rural Pastimes is cancelled and we haven’t added any events which we ourselves can put on, and on this vein, can we take the opportunity to thank those of you who have contacted us privately offering their land for such an event. Your generosity is overwhelming and so appreciated and thank you seems insufficient but Thank You!

Barbury is a question mark as all British Eventing has been cancelled but for now we will leave it on the calendar and update you when we get word from the organisers.

You will see that Cheshire GF is now no longer for 2020 but replaced by Thame GF for Living Heritage.

Date: 5th July

Venue: BARBURY HORSE TRIALS (Wiltshire).

Date: 30th-31st August

Venue: FENLAND. Stow Cum Quy, Fakenham, NR21 7QG.

Date: 30th-31st August

Venue: LH THAME GF. Thame Showground, Kingsey Rd, Thame, OX9 3JL.

Date: 4th-6th September

Venue: CHATSWORTH GF. Chatsworth House, DE45 1PP.

Date: 12th-13th September

Venue: LH SANDRINGHAM GF. Sandringham Estate, Norfolk, PE35 6EN.

Date: 19th-20th September

Venue: SOMERSET SHOW.Taunton Racecourse, TA3 7BL.

Date: 19th September

Venue: COLLINGHAM SHOW (tbc) Larksfield, Newark Rd, Collingham, NG23 7RD.

Date: 19th September

Venue: ADDINGTON (indoor demo). Indoor Arena. Addington, Buckingham, MK18 2JR.

Date: 26th-27th September

Venue: LH WILTSHIRE GF. Bowood House, Old Rd, Derry Hill, Calne SN11 0LZ.

Date: 10th-11th October

Venue: LH HAMPSHIRE GF. Netley Marsh Showground, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 7GY.

Date: 17th October

Venue: MERRIST WOOD (indoor 4 only Invitation only)Merristwood College, Holly Lane, Worplesdon, Guildford, Surrey, GU3 3PB.

Please contact either Ivor Williams or Carole Davenport to register your entry or to make an enquiry.